I Wish I Could Live Your Life

My life has been an adventure. Raising two kids and Divorced 3 times, the word […]


While in High school, growing up on the “Eastside” of Seattle Washington I would […]

Eating the Tuscan Wild

We all have our ¬†ups and downs in life. Some years are good, and some […]

Childhood friends on a Grand Adventure


During the summer of 2014 I reconnected with a few friends I had known during […]

My Marriage was Perfect!

In my last post I talked about a conversation I had with a friend of […]

I’ve Been Looking for an Apology

Several weeks ago I was having dinner with a friend. Someone I met in the […]

The Three Keys to Personal Happiness

No matter how old you are, where you live, eat, breath, work, or play we […]

Learning to Sleep in the Middle

It’s been a year since my Husband screamed at me on that one last bike […]

I Have Been Diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy

Why is Half of my Face Falling?
I awoke Monday morning on April 6th just like […]

What I Have Learned from My Marriages Mistakes

When hurt gets in the way we tend to lean towards meanness, deniability, and even […]

I’m Divorcing… for the Third Time

If you have read my last post, I’m sure two things immediately come to mind:

It […]

When The Argument Serves a Purpose

I am no therapist, nor am I a subject matter expert by any means. But […]

You Are Responsible for your Happiness

I just got off the phone with a very near and dear friend of mine […]

Routine Pap Smear to Cervical Conization

Before you get too worried and think “Oh My God – Jenn has/had Cancer” Let […]